About - Nikos Delagrammatikas Photography

Hello, and thank you for having a look at my photographic art.

My name is Nikos Delagrammatikas, and I am a self-taught landscape photographer based in Riverside, California. Growing up on a Greek island, my love of the water and nature long preceded my love of photography.

I have been involved with photography as an amateur and professional for over 45 years, using small, medium, and large format film cameras, wet and digital darkrooms, and digital SLRs. I have also been involved with industrial and aerial photography.

Each of my images is the result of long hours spent in the field driving and hiking, with occasionally everything aligning just right. But regardless of my photographic success, I enjoy every minute of being out in the field, whether it’s the stillness of the blue hour before sunrise, standing in the snow for hours at ten degree weather, or shooting the Milky Way at two in the morning.

I believe the most important quality of a photograph, as in all of art, is to evoke an emotional response. My images do not arise from some transcendental deep connection or “calling”. I am simply expressing my feelings for the locations I have visited, even though a camera alone could never capture nature as can be experienced with all of our senses.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website. I hope that you will return often, as I continue to add new work.


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